About Us and How Experience Matters

We love education and tech so what better thing to do than mix them together to create Functional Examiner. We are extremely passionate about everything that we do, the most important person in this whole process is the learner. This is why the learner is at the centre of everything we do.

In 2015 EDLounge were approached by one of the UK’s leading awarding organization. They had identified a need for an online functional skills delivery platform. EDExams was formed as a registered business in February 2016.

Whilst building a solution around a very direct brief we have not only achieved the solution but made a vast amount of experience in the awarding organization sector and what is required for online delivery.

The solution was devised around not only the delivery but the entire journey from registering learners to the delivery of results. The solution needed to be simplistic in its use but groundbreaking in its innovation.

Using a locked down and secure application Functional Examiner is ahead of the game in terms of security on delivery and marking. Using on the most secure AWS servers you do not need to worry about your data.

Here at Functional Examiner we treat customers with the greatest respect and allow there needs and requirements to drive our business forward. They never stop evolving, therefore, we never stop developing.

To see other products designed by EDExams please go to www.edexams.com

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